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The Insurance Law Department at Belzuz started out as part of Commercial Law, advising clients in insurance-related aspects.

The growing demand for services related to the insurance world and the uniqueness and specialization required by this sector of law created the need for an autonomous department lawyers engaged in insurance and the insurance business, which treated and explored issues related to this important area of legal knowledge differently.

Considering the breadth of issues in the world of insurance, the department is specialized in the areas of product liability, traffic law, general insurance and general liability.

Awareness of the increasing globalization and international importance of insurance prompted Belzuz, along with other foreign law firms to set upInsuralex (Global Insurance Lawyers Group) which brings together prestigious law firms to insurance specialists worldwide.


Lisboa - Av. Duque d'Ávila, 141 - 1D, 1050-081, Lisboa, Portugal

+351 21 324 05 30

Oporto - Rua Julio Dinis 204, Off 314, 4050-318, Oporto, Portugal

+351 22 938 94 52/53


Practice Areas

  • Applicable regulations, as required, policy analysis (drafting general, individuals and special delimitation and limitation of risk, etc.
  • Rights and obligations of the parties, payment of the premium, quantification of damages.
  • Legal advice to mediators, selecting the mediator that best suits the client's interests.
  • Technical support to insurance companies, relations with the Public Administration (Instituto de Seguros de Portugal and Pension Funds) and corporate control.
  • Traffic law
  • Claims management.
  • Claims and judicial litigation, transactions and calculation of compensation. Valuation of property damage and personal.
  • General and special legal defense.
  • Damage Insurance: fire, theft.
  • Liability insurance, general, professional, construction, healthcare professionals and product managers.
  • Institutional relations with the Insurance Institute of Portugal, access to the insurance business, expansion of the activity, revocation of permits, violations and sanctions ...) actions related to the Insurance Ombudsman, proceedings before the Automobile Guarantee Fund, etc.
  • Defense and out of court settlements in claims of the insured and / or third party related to home insurance, ground transportation, profits, credit and surety, people, life, casualty, liability of directors.
  • Fiscal representation in Portugal of foreign companies under a LPD (Freedom to Provide Services).
  • Constitutions of insurance companies.
  • Constitution of branches of foreign insurance companies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies.

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Belzuz - Portugal

Phone: +351 21 324 05 30
Fax: +351 213 478 452
Address: Av. Duque d´Ávila, 141- 1d, 1050-081 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 22 938 94 52/53
Address: Rua Julio Dinis 204, Off 314, 4050-318, Oporto, Portugal