ABSTRACT: Digitalisation is an unstoppable process that changes, day by day, the framework of interaction between citizens, companies and Public Administrations. Although the digitalisation simplifies recruitment processes and boosts the market, it is subject to risks: the so-called cyber-risk. Notes on cyber-insurances: a necessary market before the uncertainty of the technological risk. In April 2007, Estonia
The use of parametric insurance as an alternative to traditional indemnity-based insurance has increased over the last twenty years, particularly as a mechanism for insuring against extreme weather risks. Following the aforementioned increasement, parametric insurances in Latin America have not received a standardized legal treatment from the local regulators. Every country has developed its applicable
California has long given parties producing documents the option of producing them either as they are kept in the ordinary course of business or organized and labeled to correspond to the categories in the request for production. Institutional parties typically have preferred to produce in the manner the documents are kept in the ordinary course
Insuralex´s exclusive member in California talks about the new California insurance laws for 2020 The California legislature didn’t exactly leave coal in the insurance industry’s stocking in 2019, but it did make a number of changes to California’s insurance statutes. Those changes include revisions to the manner of calculation of actual cash value, including the