Helen Tilley and Robert Harrison of our Exclusive Member in UK, CPB, discuss recent research on cardiac risks associated with playing football. Following a recent 10 year study of UK footballers, the risk of fatal sudden cardiac events was three times higher than originally thought. What types of activity potentially present a higher risk and
A new board of directors elected for the global insurance lawyers group Tramposch & Partner´s managing partner Andreas Weinzierl was recently elected as president of Insuralex during its annual meeting. Founded in 2002, Insuralex is a worldwide network of more than 50 independent law firms that specialize in insurance and reinsurance coverage, defense, litigation and
In instances where someone fails to pay an insurance premium and it amounts to a repudiation of an insurance contract, the insurer need not provide an extension for the payment of a premium (grace period) regardless of the wording of the policy. This was held in the recent decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal
One of the great challenges facing insurers today is to have effective tools against insurance fraud. To this purpose, some Latin American countries have opted to include this type of conduct as a crime in their criminal law. Others, on the other hand, have opted for a generic criminal offense, such as fraud, which could
Ranked Dominican law firm Pereyra & Asociados (P&A) has announced it has been chosen by Insuralex Global Insurance Lawyers Group, a worldwide association of independent insurance and reinsurance lawyers, as its exclusive member firm in the Dominican Republic. A long running, ranked, acclaimed and renown Law Firm with ample experience and known capabilities, Pereyra &