"We welcome inquiries from Legal practices with a strong interest in Insurance Law, defence and litigation. Insuralex is a Group of lawyers of the highest standards of service to our clients in the Insurance and Risk Management worlds. We will be very pleased to hear from firms who share our philosophy and would be glad to work in a collegiate and stimulating environment to serve our Markets in whatever jurisdiction." 

David Rheney - President

As explained elsewhere on this site, membership is by invitation only. We shall be happy to consider the credentials of any firm which contacts us but we need to make it clear that while naturally we insist on objective achievements such as clear expertise in our particular field, as well as proven responsiveness, demonstrable client care and peer recognition, in addition when considering whether to offer membership we take into consideration subjective factors such as compatibility on a corporate and personal level, and lies in the end in the hands of our members, so that our willingness as officers to consider a firm must give rise to no expectation of an invitation.

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