Insuralex is a group created by independent law firms that specialise in Insurance and Reinsurance coverage, defence, litigation and all other related legal services.

Globalisation and changes in the world wide Insurance market enable Insurers and Reinsurers to market their products across national borders in a growing global economy. Different local laws and procedures may affect the conduct of insurance business on a cross-border basis and this is evident in the handling of international or multinational claims. An Insurer can navigate these complexities by using a group of lawyers from different jurisdictions who are each specialised in their respective national insurance and reinsurance law systems but who are also affiliated to work with each other. Insuralex exists to provide its members with a world-wide referral network of the highest quality in the fields of insurance, reinsurance, coverage, defense and litigation.

 Our group possesses a common sense of international awareness which allows us to tailor our services to the needs and expectations of our clients. We base our activities and services on understanding the insurance business at a local level. We aim at helping to achieve our clients' goals by combining a uniformly high standard of services with local expertise.  

Amelia Brault, Past President