A World Wide network of independent insurance and reinsurance lawyers, dedicated to the Insurance and Risk Management Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insuralex While Insuralex members are skilled in litigation procedures in their respective jurisdictions, members are also experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Many of the members have lawyers who have sat as Arbitrators or Mediators.

Insuralex members are proactive problem solvers and use their experience to find creative ways to end disputed in ways acceptable to their clients.

Members try always to create the most cost effective and relationship-saving early solution that is satisfactory to clients – but we will also fight hard all the way to the highest court, if necessary for the right outcome.

Insuralex is an affiliation of independent law firms who refer contacts and clients between themselves. Its members are all recognized by their peers in their own jurisdictions as expert in the fields of insurance, reinsurance and defence litigation. We currently have more than 50 individual practices operating within the Group in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Insuralex continues to expand its Membership to other legal practices throughout the world, who share our approach to legal practice and our passion for the highest standards in meeting our client's requirements in advice, negotiation, settlement or litigation.

Members are proposed by the officers of Insuralex, or by existing Members after extensive searches and comparison with other firms for suitability.

They complete a detailed questionnaire about themselves, their staff, expertise and capabilities; references may be required. Often a proposed Member will already be known to existing Members, in which case an interview and site visit may be considered unnecessary. In any other circumstances, any prospective Member will be interviewed by an officer or officers, and a site visit to their offices may be required before a recommendation is made to the existing Members.

This is then considered by the Members who decide on admission, which requires a 75% majority vote.

Insuralex Members meet twice a year, at the Annual meeting and at a Midyear meeting, to conduct Insuralex business. These enable Members to become personally acquainted, so that they will always have full confidence in the quality of fellow Members to whom they will be recommending clients, which Insuralex considers important to its philosophy. At each of these meetings Insuralex presents an educational seminar to which clients and contacts are invited.

Such meetings rotate amongst member countries. Clients and contacts of the host are invited to meet Insuralex Members at associated meetings. In addition the officers of Insuralex, who comprise the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, working with the assistance of the retained Marketing Director and Meetings Organiser, hold regular monthly meetings, in person or telephonic. Members are encouraged to circulate information and news as and when appropriate.

Each Member operates as an independent body and work referrals are made from Member to Member as the best solution to the case under consideration. Insuralex operates only to facilitate such referrals and is a forum in which relationships between Members of the group can be fostered.