At the moment, there is quite a diverse legal landscape of different kinds of “class action” in Europe. While some countries do not provide a ‘class action system’ at all, other jurisdictions have already implemented at least something similar to a class action system (such as the “Musterfeststellungsklage” in Germany). The European Parliament has adopted
Meridian Lawyers selected by Insuralex as its exclusive member in Australia  Meridian Lawyers is delighted to announce its selection as the sole appointed Australian based law firm to the exclusive Insuralex Global Insurance Lawyers Group, the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance law firm network.  As an Insuralex member firm, clients and Insuralex’s insurance law firm
Insurance companies, like many others, are exposed to multiple risks and, therefore, they are concerned about having mechanisms to ensure their operations, avoiding that, in the event of a large loss, the exposure of their patrimony becomes greater. That is why reinsurance is such an important contract in insurance markets worldwide. It helps to (i)
GUATEMALA: Insuralex covers another jurisdiction in Latin America
GUATEMALA: Insuralex covers another jurisdiction in Latin America   Prestigious Guatemala´s law firm BLP has been chosen by Insuralex Global Insurance Lawyers Group, a worldwide association of independent insurance and reinsurance lawyers, as its exclusive member firm in Guatemala.   For more than ten years, BLP has provided legal counsel to both emerging and established companies on

Reinsurance Round-Up 2021

Reinsurance Round-Up 2021 The all-pervading topic of conversation, worldwide, over the last year has been Covid-19. Much has been written about insurance coverage and there has been litigation in many countries. The FCA Test Case in London has received widespread international media coverage. Following on from that, the extent to which losses can be aggregated
Low-Cost insurances as a result of the Covid pandemic. ABSTRACT Currently, and as a result of the pandemic, a variety of low-cost policies has entered the healthcare insurance market, advertising services such as “comprehensive medical directory from 8 Euros a month.” Monthly private healthcare cheaper than a daily special in a bar? The effects of